Travel Guidelines for Mexico…Bien Viaje!

Basic Information

When you are travelling around Mexico and backpacking, ‘Bien Viaje’ is a helpful expression for you to be familiar with. It is probable that you will come across a lot of Mexicans and their kids when backpacking Mexico. As you are doing so and leaving them, they might wish you ‘Bien Viaje’ which means ‘Safe Journey.’

Mexico Beach


You might learn such phrases from ‘Useful Expressions’ (part of Knopf Guides Mexico, 2006) as well as other travel guides. It might be a wonderful idea for the tourist to be aware of a number of these basic expressions and phrases. It would be advisable as well to conduct some study on this lovely country.

Basic Information on People

Some extremely basic travelling and backpacking information one should be aware of, is that the tourist, from outside Mexico, is possibly going to be noted by the locals, wherever they might travel and camp. Keep in mind that the tourist will appear and be different and this will make the locals fascinated!

Kids can especially be persistent! However, these people will mainly remain amiable. This signifies that if the tourist wants privacy, it will be necessary to plan and search for privacy. In case privacy is not necessary, it is vital also to keep in mind that the people can provide information as well as comforts.

Moving Around

The way one moves around Mexico while traveling and backpacking appears like an extremely essential query. Apart from moving around on foot, the tourists can get around in numerous methods:

  • RV
  • RV Caravan
  • Trailers
  • Motor-homes
  • Vans
  • Pickups
  • Cars
  • Rent-A-Cars

RV Caravans may be the hugest and most conspicuous methods of moving around. However, their extraordinary attraction is the number of items and foodstuffs these fellow tourists might manage to provide in barter trade. This is vital information for the backpacker when supplies or money is running short.

Another great and economical factor to note is that it is allowed also, to camp through Mexico through one’s car. A lot of travelers and backpackers have noticed that this can be a method which is very affordable to shelter overnight.  Most people opt for Rent-A-Car camping.

Spending Little Cash in Mexico

In Spanish, Via Pesos means ‘by pesos.’ This indicates the method the backpacker or traveler in Mexico can use to survive on pesos; practically managing with a very small amount of money.

If one wants to use a small budget to visit Mexico, it has been verified to be possible. It is normally a great idea to travel to Mexico with little money. It is advisable for the traveler to just carry credit cards and traveler’s checks.  This is related to security and also the fact that using a small quantity of money will assist one to fit in more with local people.


Mexico is a travel destination which is a must-see; it has different attractions like pristine beaches, attractive colonial cities and old archeological sites. Mexico is blessed with temperate weather and has rich culture.

Visitors’ hearts are won by the provision of an innovative mixture of history, nature and culture at prices that are dollar friendly!